IBX gets only positive reviews! 

Karolina Boczek reports

Going throughout the internet you can see many posts about IBX nail repair system, but you wonder what is this new great product that everyone is talking about and how does it work? 

IBX is a revolutionary product you can offer to your clients as a completely new service or as an additional to your gel / acrylic / manicure treatment. Have you ever seen anyone with really damaged ,weak and breaking nails? I am sure you did but how many times you have been asked by your clients how can they improve conditions of their own nails or how they can make them stronger? Again, I am sure this is one of the most asked questions in your nail salon. This is where IBX can come very handy as a rescue to those concerned customers and a chance for you to make some extra income. 

IBX isn’t a nail strengthener you can buy in drug stores; it is a product which was invented to penetrate the nail and help it grow; it improves condition of nails and used together with Dadi’Oil ( a organic 95% nail cuticle) it does miracles. Still not convinced? 


Description: Revolutionary two-part system that allows natural nails to grow readily on their own. Also used to improve nail plate integrity under any Gel Polish Coating. Professional use only. 

Toughen Protect Rebuild Strengthen Smooth 


If you like the idea but have not sure how to use this product you can do the training. “We are doing workshops at our stores every month and also demonstrating at Professional Beauty in October. The product is going very well and feedback is very strong. A lot of customers that wear gel polish are saying that the gel polish lasts longer with IBX.” – says John Donnellan from Flair.ie, main distributor of IBX in Ireland. 

So wouldn’t be ideal if your gel polish wouldn’t chip or peel straight off after applying onto thin nails? I think if the answer is – YES – you should contact Flair shop to find out more about this product.

Need more convincing? Read these reviews and watch the videos!

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