Cliona Sweeney

Nail Artist of the Year 2014

Cliona copy

1. Which job made you proud in 2014? 
No single client comes to mind I just love when you do a client and they come in practically hiding their nails and you completely transform them, also when clients come in and say they have a picture and your like oh god what are they going to produce and it’s a picture of nails you’ve done that they want to recreate and when you know clients are walking out the door really happy with what you have done it’s times like this I feel proud to be a nail technician.
2. The most popular colour you used in 2014? 
Gelish ‘she’s my beauty’ It’s a lovely light mink colour that is very neutral and goes with everything. I did it on a bride recently and it was a nice change to the traditional French manicure.
3. The most successful moment in 2014? 
Doing the live stage demonstration at the professional beauty show for Creative Academy. I was afraid my nerves would get the better of me but thankfully on the day it went very well.
4. The most awkward moment in 2014? 
Nothing really stands out specifically but the only thing that comes to mind is when a client comes in and I don’t recognise her face but the minute I see her nails I’m like oh I remember you. In my defence to be fair you are constantly looking down at her nails and only occasionally at her face.
5. The most happiest moment in 2014?   
Finding out I won this and my salon was voted best overall nail salon.
6. The one person you are most thankful for 2014 would be…
I would have to say my husband Conor. I couldn’t do what I’m doing without him. We have a 2 year old little boy Tommy and 4 year old girl Lilly and he is fantastic with them. He does everything for us and I’m so grateful to him for always supporting my dreams.
7. The most work-related support you have received from was…
I have to say the Creative Academy team are fantastic. They have given me so many great opportunities since joining them and I am so lucky to be part of such an amazing group of ladies. The other person I must also mention is Sabrina Hill from Kopper Hair, my partner in crime. Sabrina is such an inspiration and is such a positive influence on me. She is so passionate about what she does and we work great together as we have the same work ethic and goals.
8. The funniest moment of 2014 was…
Can’t think of anything isn’t that just sad, well nothing I can really say on this anyway.
9. The hardest moment of 2014 was… Thank God 2014 has been very good for me, the only thing I do find hard is being away from my family and friends so much. I work between 55-65 hours a week with usually no day off between the training academy and nail bar and I work when most people are off like evenings and weekends so I do miss out on things which can be very hard when you don’t see the kids for days on end. It makes it so much easier the fact I love my job, I don’t wake up every morning and dread going to work like a lot of people. It’s so good after 15 years in the industry that I still really enjoy it.
10. The most amazing nails you have seen in 2014 were?
I loved what Marian Newman and her team did at Paris fashion week.
11. The most inspiring person you have met in 2014 was…
Anna Geary the current Cork Rose. We sponsored her for the year and she is such a genuine down to earth girl. She is captain of the Cork camogie team so I definitely have my hands full trying to keep her nails in good condition.
12. You have been announced next Your Nails Nail Artist of the Year 2014, how do you feel about it? 
I’m still in total shock and disbelief, all the other nominees are so talented so I kept saying to myself it’s good to be nominated I never dreamt of actually winning it. It’s great to be in a category of such amazing nail techs.
13. Anything else you like to add?
I would just like to thank everybody who supported me, all my family and friends, my clients, students and work colleagues and for Creative academy for always encouraging and believing in me.